Favorite Books

The less I know, the more I look towards books for guidance and motivation. The more I know, the more I dig into less obvious truths. I search for ways to further refine my pursuits. Never should there be a time when reading becomes irrelevant. There is always something to learn, something to glean, or something to consider. Validate your humility and fuel your hunger by indulging in the successes and perspectives of other amazing people. So here's a list of books that have largely shaped the way I approach life, and I hope they'll help you too.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

Zero to One A remarkable book that establishes the mental platform that will allow us to launch forward. Peter Thiel uncovers aspects of our psyche that have long crippled us as potential entrepreneurs. He challenges us to perceive differently and approach business with a completely new angle. This book isn’t about making a few extra dollars or even the how-to of starting a business. It is a book that will shake up your entire understanding of competition. It will even go further to encourage you to focus on fundamental dimensions of business. This is a personal favorite and definitely a game-changer.

Business for World Changers

Business is Relationships

Do you know what attributes are always present in an effective leader? You’ll be surprised to see what unconventional yet compelling traits Jim Collins has identified in Good to Great. Contrary to the gusto and the fierceness Wall Street portrays, Good to Great illuminates fundamental principles that go further than the flashing lights, the celebrity CEOS, and the billions of dollars. Learn what it means to value people, to know your market, and cultivate an environment that produces excellence. Don’t go mimicking what mainstream success has portrayed as effective or right. Instead look at these distinguished leaders and see that you’re actually more like a leader than you thought.

Although it might not answer the million dollar question of what our life's purpose is, Man's Search for Meaning turns our attention in the right direction. This gripping and almost unworldly recount of how Victor Frankl persevered in the most heinous of environments gives us hope to believe anything is possible. Seeing our lives against the backdrop of his suffering and the realities of this world truly makes us reconsider the meaning of life. This book is my number one recommendation and really a must read for all. 

Inspirational Thinking

Life is a Journey

The most beautifully weaved journey of a man who’s let his heart become his compass. The Alchemist captures the intimate and secret tensions of our hearts and portrays them as channels of victory and success. Paul Coelho brings us into a magical world that incites our imagination and instills greater dreams for the future. There is such a delicate balance of our humanity and spirituality that it never veers into either extreme but keeps us right at its center. If life is becoming dull and you need an inspirational push, this is the book for you. When it comes to fiction with a lesson, this is my personal favorite.

"Do you really love Jesus?" That was the question that consumed me throughout this book. Each page was a gateway to parts of my life that I hadn’t quite surrendered to God. The Holy Spirit began to dig up the truths that had been buried under “godly pursuits,” emotional strife, and obvious temptations. It was a perfect mix of conviction and inspiration that followed a raw and very necessary call to action. And the modern-day applicability is what really made the connection. Crazy Love sets out to make radical living, normal Christianity.

Radical Faith

Faith for the Logical

Does the idea of religion seem childish to you? Do you feel like it ignores the prominence of logic and reason? If this is you or you simply enjoy a stimulating take on religion, then I challenge you to a quick peruse. C.S. Lewis, a refined scholar of his time and a former atheist himself, did not loosen his emphasis on reasoning as he sought to understand Christianity. Mere Christianity delves into the laws of human nature and illustrates the gospel of Christ through the lens of human tendency in the most exquisite manner.

A compilation of five lives whose stories are passed over many times, but whose names did not go unnoticed by God. Sons of Encouragement, recognizes the sacrifice, dedication, and humility of five men who accompanied the likes of Moses and King David. Though fictional, its biblical accuracy in depicting the intimate struggles of these men borders on divine. Personally, it was the life of Jonathan that spoke dearly to me and exposed many of my shortcomings but encouraged me to act. This book was an absolute joy and privilege to read.

Humility at its Finest

Enduring Classic

A story of redemption that has endured through time, Les Misérables is my favorite classic book. Victor Hugo’s pronounced portrayal of compassion and the difficult endeavor to live a life adhering to one’s values resonates with me as I have resolved to live true to a higher calling. The book touches on the frailty of man and the inconvenience of love, integrity, and kindness. You’ll be thankful for its length because it extends the beauty that much longer.

A book that made “Honest Abe” personal. Lincoln on Leadership rekindled my former roots and reminded me of what it takes to promote a cause in the face of adversity. Phillips showed me the tenacity and compassion of Lincoln on a level of such intimacy that put everything within reach. Let this book stir up those emotions that grip your heart and heighten your sensitivity to the injustices you are already feel.

Man of the Ages


Here are some books that are still definitely worth a read, with more to come...



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