Anthony | Rich | Park

That's me! But it wasn't until recently that I started to own my name.

There would always be a moment of hesitation before I would tell people my middle name. Sometimes I would substitute it with Richard, hoping it would seem a little less pretentious. But then I asked myself, "Why be embarrassed when you can make it a reality in your life?"

I'm not just talking about material wealth, but a richness in relationships, time, and purpose. So here I am, trying to pursue these almost impossible visions to empower dreamers and raise an entire generation of women's values and I'm thinking, other people have got to know!

Why? Because life is an opportunity for you to become fully you, for you to achieve the greatness God designed for you. That’s what I’m going after, and I’m believing there are many more out there who are too. Sometimes we just need that slight push to get our days going, and that’s what I’m hoping this will be.

And the push can look like encouragement too! We say it with our words, sometimes, but it needs to happen more. It needs to show in our actions. We need to be the ones spearheading a culture that raises the value of women. My approach is nothing new, but it’s genuine. The letters are for my future wife after all. And guess what, I'm all too happy to be that guy, a little vulnerable and maybe even a bit too sappy if that means one less broken heart.

Now, I'm nowhere near an expert in either subjects, but I’m thinking you and I might have some common ground. Two people, both fighting for purpose, for faith, or for love. Failure is inescapable, but thankfully, history isn’t really about you and me but what God wants to do through us. All it takes is a little sweat, a little sacrifice, and lot of fight.


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