An Entrance Fee for the Mind

Everybody wants exclusivity. Everybody wants to be among the top echelon of society in one way or another to taste or even exacerbate the facade of ignorant success.

You want to be among the elite and the privileged because our culture has depicted them, rightfully in some regards, as a cohort of mindless spenders. You desire to become the embodiment of a lifestyle that is synonymous with extravagant spending, disconnected from rigidity and discipline.

But I wonder if we understand what it takes to join their ranks. As an outlier myself, a foreigner applying for admission into their cult, I wonder if my experience is enough, my credentials even worth considering.

In the same way the homes of Beverly Hills or the castles of Monaco can demand a crowd of the finest and the wealthiest, it takes a certain kind of people to break into the rather formidable tiers of status and thought.

It isn’t to say the rich are the only sect requiring admission, but they are certainly a group that has applied the practice of selectiveness.

Let’s for a moment look beyond inherited wealth and the more flamboyant sort, which by the way are a very small minority within the top 2%. Instead, let’s consider the established business, the people tackling problems in the local and global economy, men and women looking to build new systems and repair broken ideologies.

What we will quickly see is that their visible wealth and contribution to society is the manifestation of the conscious decisions made in the hidden realm of thought. Throughout their lives they’ve fostered a culture and an environment that perpetuates optimism and endurance. They treated their mind as an investment, as a resource whose value they could determine. They realized that the activity that took place in their minds and the people, thoughts, worries, frustrations, doubts, and pursuits they harbored determined the value of their mental real estate.

And so they chose. They chose to be exclusive first with their thoughts and their mind, because this is in fact the cost of admission.

The value of our mental real estate is determined by how exclusive we are with our thoughts. If we allow our mind to be overrun by every useless or wandering thought, we degrade the quality of our mind.

By giving access to hate and anger to dwell within you, you are uprooting the foundations you’ve laid along with the potential to erect lasting and glorious mansions.

Your anger exposes your homes to the storms of conflict and disagreement. Hate won’t allow you to seek help from friends and enemies who carry expertise. You might build a beautiful community only to have it collapse from the instability of your own heart.

By ignoring the vagabonds of doubt and fear while they wander in your streets, you are creating an environment that stifles good ideas and hinders new opportunities and new relationships.

They walk around, shoulders slumped repelling creativity and responsibility. They object to progress, expansion, and creativity because they are content with its current state of lawlessness. Their stench pushes away residents who would not only reside but collaborate and work with you to form a more prosperous community.

By posting pride as the gatekeeper of your land, you surrender the possibility of creating a true community of friends, allies, and supporters. Instead, your property is labeled “snobby,” “prejudice,” and “unfair.”

It shames every good person and labels them by the value of their clothes. It denies people entrance by the annunciation of their words and the cars they drive. And because of it, you will not find love, hope, compassion, or people of great experience and knowledge who care not to show it with their possessions.

So it is not so much which occupants we have within the real estate of our minds that is the problem, but it is the type of people, ideas, and possibilities that they discourage from entering. We limit the space available for courage, dreams, learning, and excellence and ultimately water down our focus for purposeful and insightful thinking by catering to the likes of depression, complacency, and disdain.

Without a doubt your life reflects the quality of your thoughts. No matter what kind of displays you put up or the advertisements you make, there’s no amount of free food or open houses that will get people to buy into your community. You’ll end up entering a downward spiral where the only you can do is lower your prices until you’ve become a habitation for the neglected.

Whether you endeavor to excel in intellect, in faith, in business, in government, in relationships, or in all of life, be exclusive with your thoughts. Start weeding out the thoughts that hold you back, deter you from taking risks and enjoying friendship, and causing you to be jealous of others.

People may not consider it prime property now, but the world will take notice when your display of kingly estates and pristine landscapes are revealed.

It starts with your thoughts.

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