The Ocean is Made for Swimming

A man approaches the edge of the ocean where the waves are crashing at his feet. A slight mist sprays across his face as a gentle breeze runs across the beach. He looks off into the vastness of the ocean and takes in a deep breath.

Then suddenly he puffs up his chest. He rolls up his sleeves and gathers his strength. Then in one sweeping motion he leans over the water and scoops up as much water as he can in his clasped hands. He raises it up to his face with excitement only to see the last drops escaping his hands.

We set out with such great expectation, so expectant to witness God work in mighty ways. But sometimes, we let that vision cloud our reality. We forget that what we can accomplish only amounts to how much our hands can hold.

And frankly, any two hands are a far cry from adequate when the ocean is what we’re after.

On our own, we’re lacking. That’s the truth… But we’re not alone.

God doesn’t want us to remain in our insufficiencies. Nor does He want us standing at the edge of His love just watching Him work in the lives around us. He wants us to jump in and be a part of His grand scheme. He wants us to partner with Him.

So I say, give up that fleeting bit of water in your hands and jump into His plan. Don’t try getting your piece of God and running off when we can have all of Him.

When we surrender what little we hold on to, and let God move in us, that’s when the world starts to take notice. Does your task terrify you? Does it make your heart race? Allow God to give you dreams and hopes that are greater than your craziest imaginations. Let Him draw out that passion He planted in you.

At that point it won’t matter how much you thought you could accomplish. It won’t matter how much you thought you could handle. Your hands? They are too busy making ripples in the ocean. God will do amazing things in our lifetime. Will you let Him do it through you?

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