Unrelenting Forces

The greatest forces in all of creation are precisely the things that do not heed the opinions of men.

What would the sun have become had it listened to our incessant pleas for cooler weather? We would have stripped the oceans of its depth and its roar had it felt the quivering of our bodies. The grandeur of nature and the spectacle of innovation didn’t form by listening to the voices of critics or unbelievers.

It forms when we follow the initial flicker of our lives’ purposes. In the same way the sun continues to blaze and the oceans continue to mesmerize, we must never compromise our life’s intent.

Because if for one moment you muted the noise and looked behind the protest of contorted faces, you’d see the blossoming plants and the millions of swimming fish.

Burn as brightly as the sun not to outdo your neighboring star but because that’s what you were made to do. You were made to light up a universe, to inspire life and to sustain it.

You are the sun to many around you, it’s just that the dawn might be a long time coming. You were made to become a home for millions, to become a place of peace and fond memories.

The waves of the ocean don’t raise its war cries to taunt anyone. It is simply the evidence of its breathing chest, it’s unstoppable resolve.

The force of your pursuit is so powerful that aftershock is inevitable. Instead of intentionally avoiding your environment and being weary of affecting it, focus on how you will affect it.

The reality is, the value of your life guarantees you will make an impact.It’s just a matter of how valuable and beneficial it will be.It is impossible for your path to be unopposed so long as it contains risk.

And I would dare to say that no feat undertaken by man is without danger. So long as it is an adventure worth the value of someone’s life.

There will always be people who worry because of the uncertainty ahead. There will be those who resent the possibility of your success. For others, it will be simply that they fear change and they recognize that you are change.

But your job is not to acknowledge the naysayers but to absorb the encouragement and heed the correction.

It’s not a matter of distorting the reality of your mission or living in disregard of the facts. Keep optimism on your left and wisdom on your right. Run into the fray brandishing faith and holding the shield of resilience close to your heart.

Remember your mom who raised you. Remember the father who sacrificed for you. Listen to the chant of the unborn generation.

Feel the burden of their expectancy and look at the sea of faces, impoverished, oppressed, suffering faces. See your life as not just another life but an answer to their prayers. FULFILL IT.

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