Letter 7 | The Fathers Torch

With a smile stretching over his face, he watched you take your first steps. He was crouched behind you as his body sat lightly on his toes just in case he needed to spring into action. He was your superman and he is to this day your greatest advocate. He shouted praise on the sidelines and in the night he whispered prayers. He felt your heartbreak more than anyone and despised the world for hurting you so. He toiled through the years to give you the world, his eyes are witness to the marathon. The callouses on his hands tell the story of the torch he carried. He has given everything to defend you and to protect you. He has loved you beyond life itself.

And now the torch of divine privilege whether by the foolishness or magnanimity of the universe has been given to me. Providence has allowed the harmony of lovers. And the longing of our hearts has blossomed into the beauty of friendship. Generations past have conspired to grant me the most precious of gifts, one in which they laid down their lives for. They have given me treasure beyond value, a life worth more than two. I have found my lacking, my inseparable other. Your father and mother have given me you.

With loyalty the midnight oil will always burn. When the thickness of life obstructs your sight, look up to see the lighthouse beckoning your arrival. The mantle of protector will be like a crown on my head. I will wear the title of defender as a knight bears his sword and shield. My ears will attentive to your hearts cry, my spirit sensitive to the calling upon your life.

I will hedge you in as a castle surrounds her queen. The watchtower will be my home, I shall command it as a rider his horse. No one will enter and no arrow will fly. The flag that I daily raise is not one of glory or respect but that of surrender. I surrender to you, to your identity, to your love, and to the unity of our souls.

It is not the kingdom that I protect the kingdom that is within you. You are the hope of people, the dreams of your father. You are the wish of unrequited love, the topic of noble character. My life stands not between your life and death but between accusation and trust. To stand at your side when the oppressors surround, to comfort you and to understand.

I am rightly scared at the prospect of standing before your father and mother. For they are the people who dealt with your teenage years. They are the ones who lay awake through the night because you had a cough. They loved you when you failed and looked past your errors. They are the shoulders on which you stand, the tears from which you drank. They’ve inscribed your name on their hearts and have thrown away their tomorrow for yours.

They are the ones I am indebted to for the beauty that stands before me. I come humbly before you and before them, because I have only love to warrant  my egregious petition for you. And now, it is my life’s greatest blessing to walk with you, to be with you, and one day present you once more as a beauty before God.

Yours Truly,