Letter 6 | Adventure Together

Have you seen the blushing of the Saharan sunset or the waves of the Northern Lights? Have you sat in the contrast of the hot springs and the snow covered mountains of Fujiwaru? Is the serenity of Bali only a distant hope, an unapproachable fantasy?

The streets of Budapest long for our arrival. The Spanish waters warm themselves up and the Shire prepares a resting place. The sound of Peruvian music plays in the background as we climb the steps of Machu Pichu, and the South African children gather to hear of our stories. We race on the icy palms of Antarctica and melt under the blaze of the Egyptian sun.

We find indomitable friendship in Saudi Arabia and fill our stomachs with the delicacies of France.  The history of Greece will become our history and the holiness of Jerusalem our endeavor. We will explore the unfamiliar lands of China and discover the beauty of Indonesia. The sun will grow weary of us as we chase it across the globe. The moon will wonder where we have gone, saddened by our absence.

In every place we set foot, we will leave the mark of adventure and share the experience of beauty. Behind us, a trail of compassion, expectation, and gratitude linger. I will discover the world with you and in it we will discover each other. The world is an infinite mystery to be admired, to be lost in, and to behold. Risk will fuel us, a longing for the world excite us.

At each destination we will erect a pillar, a symbol of our dreams. And one day, we will look back and see that the foundation is finally strong enough to carry the dreams of those to come. We will venture to be bold, to love, to be vulnerable, and to become a part of the places we go. Our seeds of hope will be sown throughout and they will birth the kingdom; they will usher in opportunity and joy.

The nations they call out to us. The splendors of culture and diversity beckon our unity. It is not so much our endeavor to see the world as it is the world’s to be known by us. Let us grace them with the song of our pure love.

Life with you is an adventure I can’t wait to start. The world is ours to enjoy and to believe and we will task ourselves with the incredible joy of knowing the wonders of creation. Stir that longing within you. Awaken the zeal for discovery and exploration, and we will meet on the journey of adventure.

Yours Truly,