Blind Eyes

Your hands are in front of you. You’re certain they’re there. You’re certain you aren’t blind, but then again now you’re not as sure.

It’s a helpless feeling when even your own hands are hidden in the black of darkness. Your mind almost refuses to believe that you can’t see because you’re so certain that it’s there. Nothing in your environment has changed, but the darkness convinces you that it has. The warden of nightfall begins to speak away relativity and reasoning. It imprisons you in your doubts and worries. Loneliness intensifies and misunderstanding takes root.

You have your sight yet you are blind.

So what would it mean if in that chaos and confusion a light began to shine?

Nothing brilliant, but a modest light.

It flickers off in the distance and provides enough light to assure you that you still have your vision and that you’re not crazy. Slowly it begins to inject you with confidence as your surroundings become concrete. Fear eases its grip and cautiously you take your first steps in the direction of freedom.

Don’t get me wrong. The lingering effects of falling back or the light disappearing still takes hold of us. The embrace of darkness is still strong and your progress is slow. Hesitation lurks behind you, waiting for you to look back in fear.

Your conscience still shudders at the thought of the shadows, but it presses onward.

In this arduous journey, the thickness of uncertainly is so strong at times that you feel God is not leading you at all. But every time your failures, your doubts, and your fears start bubbling up, you just have to remind yourself to look up. There’s a reminder, a promised destination exists.

You might not know what the obstacles ahead of you are or even how long it will take, but You now know where you’re going.

Don’t strain to see what you look like or even your immediate surrounds. Instead, make every effort to move forward, to accomplish the vocation you feel God has placed in your heart. Because without even realizing it, one day you’ll be standing fully illuminated, but you’ll be too busy gazing on His glory.

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