Your Dream is My Fear

A Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin? Whatever your dream cars are, you have them all. That condo nestled in the Swiss Alps or that penthouse overlooking the city of Monaco? Done.

Once in a while Vogue features your clothes and your bank calls you to borrow money.

The day’s greatest concern is whether you should take the yacht for a quick adventure or if you’ll have your Learjet take you for a nice Parisian meal in France.

You lie down on your Picasso of a sofa, making sure you have full view of the Hawaiian sunset. You close your eyes, satisfied with the day’s extravagances, and you whisper “Retirement is amazing.”

For some, this might be the life. For others, maybe a little too much. But can you say that your “American Dream” doesn’t represent some mixture of wealth and rest? Even if it isn’t your style, would you be decline such an offer?

The American Dream that crept into my conscience looked a lot like this and still resembles it.

And for that reason, this paradise is actually my fear.

Luxury, comfort, and all the niceties that come with success are compelling allures. In fact, I’m a huge fan of exquisite foods and beautiful travel itineraries. I marvel at the wonders of travel and admire the excellence of men.

How we enjoy life is not what’s being targeted.

I’m calling attention to the furnace of life within you that these novelties are trying to extinguish. I’m provoking the spirit of God that calls you to an eternal pursuit.

If you want to know where you stand, take a moment to look at your surroundings. If the scenery doesn’t change and the voices are the same, shouldn’t we ask why? What if instead of selling ourselves we’ve been duped into being bought?

You walk around with your salary tattooed to your forearm and flaunt your “freedom.” In reality, “security” is your owner and “compromise” is your task master.

We need to be striving for something that’s so tantalizingly scary and daunting that our entire life’s investment wouldn’t suffice. I think the phrase, “A cause bigger than yourself” is appropriate. When I look at you, it’s hard for me to believe that your life is only worth a nice car.

God’s plan for you is so much more than box with four bedrooms and a basement.

You and I, we’re better than that. How do I know? Because God created you to be. There’s potential in you that transcends the pettiness of materialism. Laziness has only gotten the better of you because you’ve let it. Now is the time to rise. Take His hand and Join the war cry. I WILL NOT settle for anything less than greatness!

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